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before it’s too late

Convert VHS to DVD in Hamilton, Ontario – Tape to DVD conversion service.

All tape formats, slides and negatives too. High quality work at VERY reasonable prices!


vhs tape – dvd conversion service – Hamilton, Ontario

VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, 8mm, Hi 8, Digital 8, and even MiniDV all share one common property; It is magnetic media and it is fundamentally impermanent, for a variety of reasons.

• Magnetic particles gradually lose their charge, in a process called remanence decay. This process is accelerated with each playback and it even happens gradually as tapes sit idle in storage.

• Magnetic particles may also be accidentally demagnetized. This can be from storing too near a magnetic source (like an audio loudspeaker) or even from the playback machine itself, whose heads can be become partically demagnetized if not maintained perfectly.

• The lubricant in the binder layer of the tape can be used up, with each playback, which can directly affect the magnetic particles and cause information loss.

• The backing and substrate of the tape can become stretched, from multiple rewindings and playback.

Most experts agree the life span of a video tape, is between 8 to 12 years and they recommend these tapes be transferred to DVD or to a file (digital) as soon as possible, as over time they they will become increasingly grainy and ultimately….UNVIEWABLE!

Digitize your video tapes NOW!

Before it’s too LATE!


vhs tape – dvd conversion service – Hamilton, Ontario

Multiple levels of service designed to suit your needs and your budget. All pricing plans are fully customizable.

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vhs tape – dvd conversion service – Hamilton, Ontario

Free pickup and delivery within the Hamilton, Burlington, Waterdown and Stoney Creek areas. Charges may apply for outlying areas depending on the size of the order.

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My name is Joe Albanese and I operate a home-based business located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, converting analog video tape to a digital format.

I believe in doing quality work at a reasonable price as there is nothing I enjoy more than giving my customers the peace of mind that their precious video memories will be with them forever!

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