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My Story

My name is Joe Albanese. I have over 40 years of practical experience using computers including Database Programming, Web Design and Development, Internet Marketing and Digital Web Analytics.

Over the years and mostly through the process of making Websites, I acquired both the knowledge and the equipment necessary to convert analog media to a digital format. I also soon realized that there existed a huge inventory of analog media out there, waiting to be digitized before their owners’ precious memories deteriorated forever! My intention is to provide quality work at a reasonable price with the ultimate goal of bringing happiness to people through the understanding that their precious video memories will be with them forever!

My Skills

As you can see, I posess a diverse set of computer skills. So… if you need a website made, or if you need the effectiveness your online business optimized…. I can do that as well!

  • Internet Marketing & Web Analytics
  • HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • PHP & WordPress
  • Photoshop

My Work

My passion for computers began in the mid 70’s as a business student at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. Here is a brief overview of some of the computer work I have done since, both on a practical level and academically.

Web Design and Development

Through the process of creating websites, I found it necessary to acquire the skills needed to convert analog video and stills to a digital format, for the purpose of creating web content.

Search Engine Optimization

For every website I have created, I have also been able to optimize it to appear on page one of a Search Engine Results Page, via organic search. In every case this has resulted in significant increases in traffic and performance improvments.

Academic Overview

After graduating from Ryerson in 1978, in 2008 I returned to complete a Certificate in eBusiness. In 2012, I completed an Award of Achievement in Web Analytics from UBC.

Digital Web Analytics

Web Analytics involves Web Performance Optimization via data driven insights. Site goals are defined and incremental changes are made in an effort to achieve them. The results are monitored via analytics software.

About Me

My name is Joe Albanese and I operate a home-based business located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, converting analog video tape to a digital format.

I believe in doing quality work at a reasonable price as there is nothing I enjoy more than giving my customers the peace of mind that their precious video memories will be with them forever!

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